Friday, September 30, 2011

I released new game "Escape 3d: The Rooms" :

After two months of hard work. I've released a new 3d room escape game "Escape 3d: The Rooms". Sponsored by :

It's different this time as you'll have to find the exit yourself. so let's try the door.. it leads to another room! wanna know where the exit is ... try to find it yourself


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  2. Great game !!! Thank you for this ;-)
    I'm out now, but please can you explain the 3x3 grid clue, from 1st page in book ? I don't know what it was for...

  3. Thank you ..
    since you are out now, I guess you got the last code by just counting the numebr of fives in each line, but unfortunaltely this isn't the right way to solve this puzzle.. to solve it correctly check this illustration :

  4. In deed, that's the way I solved this puzzle. So I think I had luck this way worked ;-)
    Thank you for your explanations, now I know that I should have done something else.
    hem... The dropBox Link is off... please ?


  5. sorry, now it works :

  6. If you are interested in comments about your game, and the way "we" solved it, you can take a look here :

    I'll wait for the next one :D